Making complex simple

We are a creative design agency based in Manchester, England. We particularly enjoy working with businesses that need to make complex information and propositions simple and easy to understand. So if you want to present your business case more effectively, we can help. It’s as simple as that. Here’s some of the services we offer.


There are lots of reasons why a company may choose to look at its brand. It might be that your current brand identity and logo has been around for some time and doesn’t reflect your business, product or service any more. Perhaps new competitors are appearing and you need to assert your authority. Or maybe new owners wish to reposition the brand or launch a new product or service.

Whatever the reason for change, we’ll work with you to develop a brand identity that communicates clearly to employees, stakeholders and investors, partners, suppliers, customers and the media. Your new brand identity will be the result of thorough research and a detailed understanding of your business, from who you are and what you do, to the success you want to achieve.

Design for print

We are specialists in the design of stunning print that supports our clients’ marketing activities. Combining elegant design and commissioned photography with precise artwork and carefully written copy, we use our extensive experience in print specifying to create literature, brochures, annual reports and printed products that will engage your audience and give your brand distinctive authority.


Illustration allows complex stories to be told clearly, lending consistency to all elements of a campaign. It’s also particularly effective when the clients’ product is a hidden technology or process. Whether commissioned or produced in-house by our talented team, why not get in touch and let us show you how it can be used to give your communication a boost.


Animation is a great format for storytelling. Perfect for use online in web videos it allows brands to get attention and communicate quickly. For businesses trying to promote an unfamiliar or complex offering, animation can be the most effective way to communicate as it transforms a message, making it easy to understand and visualise.

Website design

We create websites designed to appeal to customers and search engines in equal measure. And because we understand that the world comes to the web from multiple devices, all the websites we design come with a responsive version as standard.

Our dev team can create all manner of clever tools, apps, animations and web videos while our designers and writers will make your website a user delight. We’ll test it until it’s bullet-proof and if you need us to we can build it into a wider campaign to achieve your strategic objectives.


What’s the big idea? It’s a question we ask of all our work but particularly when we’re developing advertising. Devised to work across all media from digital advertising, print advertising to ambient advertising, we produce work that engages audiences, defines brands, raises awareness and elicits measurable responses.


Sales letters. Direct mail campaigns. Case studies. Website content. Website landing pages. Advertising. Scripts. Brochure copy. Emails. Editing. Tone of voice. Brand guidelines.

The to-do list of written communications can sometimes feel endless. So however you are planning on talking to your customers, talk to us first. We can help you develop what to say, and how to say it, in the most effective way possible.


What’s the best way to present complex information simply? Use an infographic. Ideal for use on a variety of media but particularly popular on the web and social media, we design infographics that visually represent your company’s information, data or knowledge in a memorable and compelling way.