Advertising safe working

Advertising campaign |Balfour Beatty safe working practices by Make Complex Simple | Graphic and web design agency | Manchester

In October 2008, Balfour Beatty launched Zero Harm. This is a worldwide safety initiative aimed at reducing the company’s accident frequency rate (AFR) to zero. Balfour Beatty’s Construction Northern business had made excellent progress in this respect. However to help them ensure this progress continued we were asked to help them promote excellent working practices among their site operatives.

An initial site visit and discussions with several site managers helped us identify the main issue. Conventional health and safety communications were pinned to notice boards in site offices. These sit outside the main build area and most operatives rarely venture into the site office anyway. Once actually into the live area of the site there was no visible health and safety communication of any description. So it was pretty easy to see why any communications on the subject were failing – they were literally being left at the gate.

As we toured the site to experience the operative’s journey through it, we saw that there were loads of opportunities to target specific behaviours and risks using outdoor, experiential and ambient advertising techniques. We created a powerful advertising campaign aimed at minimising common hand, wrist and eye injuries and each site was sent an easily adaptable advertising campaign pack featuring toilet posters, canteen table toppers, vinyl banners for perimeter fencing and experiential elements. The side of the portacabin where each operative took their site induction was also dressed with a bespoke large format landscape poster.

Thanks to advertising photographer Jonny Oakes for the excellent photography. But most of all to Ashleigh for her infinite patience in producing dozens of severed finger props for the campaign packs.