Generating new business

Illustration | Direct mail campaign | K3 new business campaign illustration by Make Complex Simple | Graphic and web design agency | Manchester

Syspro is an ERP solution used by around 15,000 companies in over 60 countries worldwide. In the UK, more than 450 firms benefit from the product through Manchester based firm K3 Syspro, a company that develops and delivers excellent ERP solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. It’s a solution with a long sales cycle that requires significant time and capital investment from the customer so it is essential that the new business pipeline is kept topped up.

We were asked to create a new business campaign that would generate new enquiries for the solution while taking advantage of K3 Syspro’s existing prospect data and market insight. Working closely with the sales and marketing team at K3 Syspro, we identified fourteen selling points to build the campaign around and using Norwegian illustrator Oivind Hoyland gave us the opportunity to express these consistently across relevant trade press, direct mail and email.

In terms of final results, the campaign is in its early stages so we’ll keep you updated as it progresses but the first email has resulted in 3 meetings. Which has made the sales director extremely happy and bodes well for the rest of the campaign.