Great British design

Design for print | Martin Baker branding by Make Complex Simple | Graphic and web design agency | Manchester

Martin-Baker design and manufacture ejection escape systems designed to save aircrew life. The seats themselves are complex pieces of engineering with very precise performance statistics. We were briefed to produce a brand book that told the Martin-Baker story in a clear and engaging way so that a none technical audience could quickly and easily understand what the brand represents.

The fact that these seats save lives was the ultimate proposition. To bring the brand to life we developed the ‘Designed…’ copy platform. This helped us detail the heritage, experience and skills of the company alongside the stories of those whose lives have been saved by Martin-Baker products.

The larger format allowed commissioned photography and archived materials to enhance the Martin-Baker brand story, a truly brilliant story of Great British success. And highly deserving of a beautiful piece of design for print.

First test by courageous engineer Bernard Lynch in 1946 and the latest seat from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Every rocket pack that is installed on a Martin-Baker seat is x-rayed to ensure that it is correctly filled

One in ten of the seats that Martin-Baker sell is used to save a life

'That he is still alive and able to enjoy life and his family is entirely due to Martin-Baker equipment, design, expertise and employees. For this my wife and I thank you all and will be eternally grateful.' Extract of letter from parents of pilot who survived an ejection.

How do you fit everything everything aircrew need to survive an ejection into the base of the seat? Martin-Baker know-how